Who the package is for

- you do not know what the tax rules implications are on you
- you need someone to guide you and maintain your records
- you want to stay away from troubles that result from filing wrong returns
Ask us for our Consultancy services if you identify yourself in the scenarios mentioned above.



Hurdles You Face

The Service Tax regulatory framework is subject to continuous changes. Rules differ every now and then. Due to the changes that are introduced every now and then, you often tend to make mistakes. Inability to comply with updated rules may attract penalty and punishment. You need an expert who keeps himself updated with all the changes introduced and can guide you the perfect way.

What you get in our Registration package
1. An expert who listens to you patiently and reads your queries. The expert will also review the available documents and records perfectly
2. Comprehensive assistance, including asking for supplementary records and documents, if required
3. Complete compliance and safety as we consider the rules and regulations of Service Tax and allied laws along with core judgments wherever applicable
4. Detailed discussions on the draft opinion to furnish the best
5. Opinion delivery


Value Added Benefits

Multilingual consultation- consultation in Hindi, English, Bengali, etc.
- Reminders on due dates
- Updates on tax matters
- Free initial consultation
- Multilingual consultation- consultation in Hindi, English, Bengali, etc.