Return Filing


Who the package is for
- Big and small businessmen
- Individuals seeking perfect balance match
- NRIs not completely familiar with tax rules in India
- New entrepreneursIndividuals who can’t get a handle on their money

Hurdles you face

- If you have the slightest doubt you can’t handle your financial matters perfectly, there’s no reason why you should show audacity and seek adventure yourself with your books. The results could be very harmful. Leave it to the experts to keep things sorted and simple for yourself rather invite trouble by letting your accounts go haywire.
- If you want to save yourself from making a mismatch in return and any problems that arise due to it.

Getting a professional tax expert to do filing of return for yourself or your business is the right choice even when you think you don’t have a business huge enough to take assistance. Professional help saves you from delays in depositing tax. This also means you won’t have to pay an extra amount as interest for the delay caused in depositing tax. There won’t be return mismatches.


What you get
- Arithmetical verification of data to maintain accuracy
- Basic scrutiny of whether available abatement, deduction, exemption or any other benefit availed is properly taken or not.
- Delivery of details of tax, if any payable along with interest, penalty or late filing fee
- We upload your return
- Get saved return for confirmation before submission
- Complete filing of your return

As a result of our effective services, you get implied benefits:
- Ample time for your business and personal life
- Peace of mind

Value Added Benefits
- Reminders on due dates
- Updates on tax matters
- Free initial consultation
- Multilingual consultation- consultation in Hindi, English, Bengali, etc.

Why hire someone else. They stay updated on changing tax laws
- You get expert and experienced advice
- An extra set of eyes to catch mistakes
- They become your advocate
- Find little known tax deductions
- They give tax guidance throughout the year

You started a new business
Starting a new business or hobby venture takes expert knowledge. You wouldn't jump off a diving board without swimming lessons, so you shouldn't try to do your business taxes without some guidance.

Tax experts can help you find lots of deductions and prevent you from getting into trouble. Those savings and peace of mind alone can pay for themselves.

You got married, divorced or had a child
If you got married/divorced, had another child or lost a spouse, you might need help finding the best filing status for that year. Some of them are easy but others, (like being a widow) have time-sensitive dates.

Also, as your children get older, tax credits and deductions might expire depending on their ages. If your child goes to college full-time, you can still claim them -- and any education expenses -- until they're 24. Determining these situations accurately takes someone who is knowledgeable.