Startup Services


Who the package is for

It is  necessary to register a company for taxation and we help it with our Startup services package. We are often approached by even individuals who want their companies to be properly registered.

Rules keep changing and new additions are made in the  Tax Regulatory Framework. It, therefore, becomes increasingly difficult with each passing year to stay on the right track. You may ask us to help you if you recognize yourself in the scenarios below:

– If you want to stay updated with the changes in  Tax Regulatory Framework for your company, so you you that can comply with the rules and avoid penalties.

– You want instant solution to every problem that comes forth or a query you have.

– You seek representation on your behalf to address the department’s queries.

What you get in our Startup package

  1. Incorporation of Companies, LLP, OPC, Partnership Firm Societies, Non Profit Organizations etc.
  2. Registration of VAT, CST, Service Tax, PF, ESI, P.TAX, Trade Licence, Excise etc.
  3. Making PAN, TAN, DSC, DIN, etc.
  4. Registration of Trade Mark, ISO, FSSAI, Patent & Copyrights.
  5. Registration of MSME
  6. Registration of Factory Licence, Fire Licence, Pollution Certificate, Land Conversion etc.
  7. Drafting Of Deeds, Agreements etc.

As a result of our effective services, You get the following Implied benefits

– Ample time for your business and personal life
Peace of mind

Value Added Benefits
Our compliance package comes along with plenty of benefits
Reminders on due dates
Updates on tax matters
Free initial consultation
Multilingual consultation- consultation in Hindi, English, Bengali, etc.